History of PROGRESS in Lithuania

   PROGRESS started its way in Lithuania in 1993, when actually at the same time Vakaru bank and Vilnius bank were started to implement the PLATON banking system. It was very new experience with the very new database system for that moment in Lithuania. Some time after, Baltic Amadeus Ltd. from Vilnius had become the official PSC (PROGRESS Software Corporation) representative in the Baltic States. After few years, PROGRESS RDBMS became very popular in Klaipeda and, partially, in Vilnius. Now we have following information about which companies are using PROGRESS products in Lithuania (the list isn't complete):

  • Kraft Jacobs Lietuva (Kaunas)
  • Baltijos automobiliai (Klaipeda)
  • LISCO Baltic Service (Klaipeda)
  • Klaipedos Nafta
  • KLASCO (Klaipeda)
  • Krantas Shipping ir Krantas Travel (Klaipeda)
  • Vakaru bank (still exists) (Klaipeda)
  • Vilnius bank (Vilnius)
  • State securities commission (Vilnius)
  • Compsoft - official QAD distributor - www.compsoft.lt
  • Omnitel - WebLed dictionary

   There are several companies and standalone programmers groups in Lithuania, which develop applications, using PROGRESS RDBMS, or install other parties PROGRESS products. The most known of them are "Baltic Amadeus" and "Compsoft". Our company also closely cooperates with them. The last successful example of this cooperation is the joint project of information system for the Lithuanian state securities commission (VPK). We hope, that PROGRESS RDMBS will become more and more important in Lithuania in the future projects.