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   PRODATA is a small private company located in Klaipeda, Lithuania. PRODATA develops applications and system software particularly in the ticket reservation systems area. It also provides UNIX and Linux consulting in software developing. PRODATA uses PROGRESS(tm) RDBMS to develop a majority of it's commercial applications. Although residing in Lithuania, PRODATA has an office in Stockholm, Sweden, too.

   PRODATA Company is mostly specializing in development and maintaining of ticket reservation systems. By now - all Lithuanian and Latvian shipping companies use our reservation system. It has also been installed in three Swedish companies, one Danish and one German company. You can find the full information about our clients here.

   Having about 9 years of experience, PRODATA intensively uses Linux operating system in its server-side solutions for the clients. Our clients like this OS, because we always explain it's advantages and teach them how to use Linux for their needs.

   At the moment we work intensively at Linux system and application development, as you can see from our other website pages.

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