Eventis - Cloud Business Calendar


   "Eventis" Cloud Business Calendar is a multi-user multi-database Calendar and Scheduler application, designed for small and medium enterprises that make appointments by time slots for their clients' visits. This application also includes mini-CRM subsystem, which gives the possibility to manage clients, make invoices and track payments.

   Start using Eventis by clicking the buttons below. Click the left button for a PC version, and the right button for Android version.

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   ** Warning! This application designed for PC and tablets with screen sizes not less than 7". However, it's still possible to use this app on smartphones, but only in appointment preview mode, because input dialogs in the system usually don't fit into small phone screens. It is also recommended to use a small-sized stylus and external keyboard for better user experience.


Main features

   All the data is stored in the cloud, so you can access it from anywhere and with nearly any device, including PCs, which have Web browser software. Multi-user access lets your staff work simultaneously and have overall data visible to each other (depending on user permissions) all the time.

   Every enterprise (or private person), as an Eventis customer, can create an unlimited number of different databases, each of them with the different set of users, calendar data, and client list.

   Main Eventis features:

  • Unlimited number of databases.
  • Unlimited number of users within one database.
  • An unlimited number of calendars within one database. 32 unique colors for marking calendars.
  • User permissions.
  • Calendar and events permissions for each user.
  • Create, edit and delete events.
  • Search events by query. Find next and previous appearances of the client.
  • Daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly views of events.
  • Event time precision - 1 minute.
  • Overlapped events.
  • Quickly reassign events to other calendars.
  • Calendars can be visible in different colors by different users.
  • Some calendars can be disabled or hidden for some users.
  • Move and copy events.
  • Schedule events for your staff, naming calendars by names of your personnel.
  • Reports.
  • Customized reports can be created personally for you for additional price.

   Features that are uncommon with other similar applications:

  • Simple CRM (Customer Relationship Management).
  • Client connection to the event.
  • Service list in the event.
  • Payment details in the event.
  • Service list management.
  • Client, invoice, and payment lists management.
  • Client list is shared among all users in one database.
  • Client invoices and payments.
  • Client appearances in events.
  • Client invoice list.
  • Client payments list.
  • Invoice printing.
  • Export of clients and invoices.
  • Invoice report in SAF format.

Implementation details

   Eventis Cloud Business Calendar is an HTML SPA (Single Page Application), which works on all modern Web browsers, including Android WebView. It is implemented using ExtJS Web widget library. The cloud part is implemented using NodeJS and MongoDB server-side platforms.
   All parts of the system (front-end and back-end) are written in Javascript.


   For questions or support please directly contact developers by sending email to support@prodata.lt.