PRODATA Programming Products

   TROLIS V5.2 - passenger ticket reservation system for regular and cruise ferry lines. Web Application. Designed to work as single-page application (SPA). All clients are to migrate to this version soon.

   TROLIS V4.7 - passenger ticket reservation system for regular and cruise ferry lines. Uses PROGRESS(tm) RDBMS in Application Server mode. Designed to work through Internet. By now there are several big (and successful) clients, who are using this system, including LISCO Baltic Service(Lithuania), DFDS Torline(Denmark), Rigas Juras Linija(Latvia), WCA - world cruise agency (Portugal), IVM - International Viagens of Madeira (Portugal).

   C-TROLIS V1.2 - cargo registration and reservation system for RO-RO and passenger ferries. Uses PROGRESS(tm) Application Server mode. The clients, that use this system are: Scansov AB (Sweden) and Rigas Juras Linija(Latvia).

   SBOOK V1.3 - Internet SportsBook totalizator system. It is developed, using PROGRESS(tm) Webspeed V3.0. This is a huge Internet project. You can find it at

   VEX - newspaper subscription and delivery system - This system was created for news agencies and small publishing companies. This is a Web Application and uses PROGRESS(tm) RDBMS for backend. It used by UAB Broliu Tomku leidyba and UAB Shiauliu Krashtas. You can find more information at Vakaru Ekspresas website.

   VPK Information System - This information system was created in association with UAB "Baltic Amadeus" and under it's full control. This system has been developed for the Lithuanian Securities Commission. This project uses PROGRESS(tm) RDBMS. You can find more information at Baltic Amadeus website.

   dateshift.o - Linux kernel module, which shifts time and date for some selected programs (processes). This project has been developed with respect to Open Source movement. The sources of this module are available for free use.