About TROLIS system

  TROLIS - is a ferry passenger and cargo reservation superserver, which transparently connects to actual reservation servers to perform on-line reservations for one or more ferry lines and/or operators.

  TROLIS.NET uses a world-class PROGRESS(tm) RDBMS for all background processing of reservations. This database system is proved to be very fast and stable for mass reservations. All reservation systems currently are running on Linux servers. Each of them reaches the level of 300-400 days uptime (being constantly accessible on-line). The on-line reservation system is working in parallel with specialized MS Windows client software, which is in use internally at the ferry owners' head offices and large travel agencies. The old-fashioned terminal client software also is available for some limited use. At the moment almost all features of the reservation system are available in TROLIS application. Some special reports, in fact, also are available only within the full-featured MS Windows network client software.

  Currently, TROLIS is designed for use by authorized travel agencies only, and not for public access. However, it is possible in some circumstances to make public reservations possible, or just have this access to see ferry schedules and available places. Additionally TROLIS provides a DEMO reservation database for demonstration of features of the system.

   You can try our DEMO at www.trolis.net and see how TROLIS on-line reservation works. (Login with DEMO account as it's stated in the information on the page, please).